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FEMA Camps For The Homeless!

FEMA Camps For The Homeless! The 99ers have been left Out in The Cold!

When Jesus was born he was born homeless, and his Mother wrapped Him in rags and placed him in the barn feeding trough, because there was no room for them in the Inn. The word Inn in Greek means "all received" which is a name given to the Church. When Jesus was homeless there was no room for Him in the Church. When the Jews who are called God's children lost their homes and were forced into the Concentration Camps, the Church did very little to help them.

See the "Bush Family Nazi Connections, and the Black Pope."

Think about this for a minute, many American's are living from paycheck to paycheck and if they were to suddenly loose their jobs, within two or tree months they would be homeless. The average American ends up borrowing money to go to college and to buy a house. If you borrow 200,000 dollars to buy an average home, by the end of 30 years, you will have paid the bank almost 600,000 dollars, nearly 3 times what you originally borrowed. Now suddenly millions of Americans who have worked their whole lives are losing their jobs because of this recession, having already paid the Banksters over a half million dollars for their homes which were only worth 200,000 to begin with. Do you think it's right that these predominately Jewish Bankers should be allowed to come with the Sheriff and their Nazi field Marshall’s, and put these poor families along with all of their belongings out in the street, like Hitler did to the Jews during World War II?

And what if you discovered that these Bankers lied to us, and never lent us any of their money in the first place. That they simply created this money out of thin air, with a few entries in their books, which cost them no more than a little bit of black ink on a piece of paper. How does it make you feel that over the last 4 years of Obama's presidency the Banks have been allowed to steal nearly 12 trillions dollars from the American working class every thing that they had saved in their homes, checking, savings, and retirement funds and the courts just turn a blind eye to all their fraud, thievery and crimes and do nothing about?

The Media wants us to believe that these poor people deserve what's happening to them, because they bought homes that they could not afford but the truth is, this is not just happening to them it's happening to all of us.

Have A Happy New Year say’s "Mr. Scrooge" as he rubes his hands together and counts all of his gold! Laughing out loud thinking to himself, how naive and stupid people really are.

If you were wondering what Obama and our Fascist government is planing to do with the millions of Unemployed American Families who have lost their homes and apartments? New York and California are now offering them voluntary shelter in FEMA prison camps. Things have not been this bad since we had to fight these Nazi Pigs during WWII. With millions of American families losing their homes, instead of extending unemployment to help these desperate families keep a roof over their heads as the weather gets colder, President Obama is preparing to declare a national emergency. Our government wants to spend billions of dollars to forcefully move millions of homeless Americans who are now living on the streets and in tents throughout the United States, into FEMA camps set-up for the purpose of mass extermination.


The camps are real, and so are the coffins and the mass graves they have dug! Once they have Homeless Americans locked up in these prisoner camps, then they are going to implement phase 2 of their plan were they start arresting and imprisoning other Americans that they consider to be a threat. These American Citizens will be striped of all their rights, beaten, tortured, and held indefinitely with out a hearing or a trial, and the American Press and Legal Council will not be allowed into these camps, to report on what’s really going on behind closed doors.


Ex-President George W. Bush proudly admits he Personally OK'd the Use of Coercive Interrogation Techniques that Many Say are Torture. Bush says:"Damn Right" I Approved Water-boarding. Washington Post. Nov.4, 2010.

Click here for more details about the Bush Family Nazi Connections.

According to the resent censuses, 18.6 million homes are now vacant in the United States. 23 million people have lost their homes, and the Banksters are now filing around 300,000 new foreclosures every month, according to RealtyTrac. Lender Processing Services (LPS) released its year-end 2010 U.S. Foreclosure Market Report, which states 2010 was one of the worst year for foreclosures in history, with 2.9 million properties receiving foreclosure filings

There are currently some 14 million homeowners that are 90 days or more past due on their mortgages, according to Fannie Mae chief economist Doug Duncan. Of these, one-third of these home owners have not made a mortgage payment in at least a year. And 1 in 4 American families have defaulting on their mortgages, but are temporarily being allowed to stay in their homes, because the Banks know that the market is flooded with foreclosed houses for sale. They are simply waiting a little bit longer before they kick these families out on to the street also. Eight Million more Foreclosures Are About To Hit the Market in 2011-2012. By the end of 2012, 1 out of 4 American families will have lost their homes.

Some good news has just recently come out. On April 13, 2011 the government ordered 16 lenders, which include Ally Financial Inc., Aurora Bank, Bank of America, Citibank, Citigroup Inc., EverBank, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, MetLife Bank, OneWest Bank, PNC, Sovereign Bank, SunTrust Banks, U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo. And the service providers Lender Processing Services and MERSCORP to hire auditors and provide restitution to homeowners if there was an improper foreclosure.

They have discovered that 62 million homes in America have fraudulent Mortgage papers and if they foreclose on your home they are doing it illegally with false paperwork. They have lost or destroyed all the original Promissory Notes that the homeowners signed, so they can no longer legally put you out in the cold! If they do you can sue for damages and duress! If you have lost your home because of fraudulent surcharges and paperwork, with a good lawyer you may be able to get your home back!

If a bank lacks the right to foreclose but forecloses anyway, big problems can result. Many recent Massachusetts home buyers are discovering that they don't really own their homes, because the banks that foreclosed on them and then resold them didn't have the right to foreclose in the first place. That's a nightmare affecting innocent purchasers of foreclosed properties caused purely by the bank's fraud and the Title company's carelessness.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has noted that the unemployment rate is 9.8 percent, which means that 15.1 million people are out of work. The Department of Labor data shows that people who have been unemployed fewer than five weeks face a re-employment rate of 31 percent. Those who have been unemployed for more than a year, there's just a 9 percent chance that you'll find work. What they don't tell you, is of the 470 thousand people who are losing their jobs every month, 330 thousand are running out of unemployment each month without being able to find a job. 6.3 million people have exhausted their unemployment and another 4 million people will run out of unemployment in 2011. Once they have reached their 99th week they will be thrown off the unemployment rolls and will no longer be counted among the unemployed, thus the unemployment number will go down. The reality of becoming a 99er is that your very existence is erased after 99 weeks. Most of these people will lose their homes, and many will become homeless.

If the government were to extend unemployment benefits beyond the 99 weeks, the actual unemployment rate would go up to 25%. No matter what, this President could never allow that to happen. He and his Democratic Party could never show you how many people are really unemployed for fear of losing their jobs.

There are now 43.6 million Americans living on food stamps. Before you can receive food stamps, your family can not have more than 2,000 dollars total assets left in your bank accounts, IRA, 401k, retirement fun etc. This means that 25% of the American families are totally bankrupt with no savings or retirement money left, and are living below the poverty level which is less than 22,000 per year. According to the statistics this is the highest number of poor Americans in 51 years of record keeping. Now we have 50.7 million Americans who do not have any health insurance. One trip to the Hospital would be all it would take to totally bankrupt a significant percentage of these families also.

More than half of students graduating from college can not find a job or pay back the 900 billion dollars in loans that they have borrowed to finish their education. But now Obama after he and his Illuminati Banksters have purposely destroyed our economy, wants to offer 12 million jobs to all these unemployed kids between the age of 17 and 26, so he can create a civilian military force, to police the American People. This is the same thing that Hitler did during World War II.

Forty percent of the world’s wealth has been destroyed in the last two years. Stocks and retirement savings have lost half of their value, and as a result the average American has less than 10,000 dollars left for their retirement. Six trillion dollars of savings that had belonged to the American working class, has been transferred into the hands of the elite. In another two years, over 40 million Americans will have lost their homes, and people will have spent all of their savings, and millions of men women and children will be homeless! I think that its time that we stand up and start to do something, before we all find ourselves homeless and destitute, on the continent that our Forefathers fought so hard to set free!



Paladino: Prison Dorms For Welfare Recipients
Candidate For Governor With Unique Stance

Published : Saturday, 21 Aug 2010, 7:04 PM EDT

BETH FOUHY, Associated Press Writer

NEW YORK (AP) - Republican candidate for governor Carl Paladino said he would transform some New York prisons into dormitories for welfare recipients, where they would work in state-sponsored jobs, get employment training and take lessons in "personal hygiene."

Paladino, a wealthy Buffalo real estate developer popular with many tea party activists, is competing for the Republican nomination with former U.S. Rep. Rick Lazio. The primary is Sept. 14.

Paladino first described the idea in June at a meeting of The Journal News of White Plains and spoke about it again this week with The Associated Press.

Throughout his campaign, Paladino has criticized New York's rich menu of social service benefits, which he says encourages illegal immigrants and needy people to live in the state. He has promised a 20 percent reduction in the state budget and a 10 percent income tax cut if elected.

Asked at the meeting how he would achieve those savings, Paladino laid out several plans that included converting underused state prisons into centers that would house welfare recipients. There, they would do work for the state — "military service, in some cases park service, in other cases public works service," he said — while prison guards would be retrained to work as counselors.

"Instead of handing out the welfare checks, we'll teach people how to earn their check. We'll teach them personal hygiene ... the personal things they don't get when they come from dysfunctional homes," Paladino said.

New York, like other states, receives a federal block grant to provide cash and other forms of welfare to very low-income residents. Federal law already requires welfare recipients to do some form of work to receive benefits.

New York's welfare rolls have grown slightly during the recession, while food stamp eligibility has almost doubled, according to the state.

Paladino told The Associated Press the dormitory living would be voluntary, not mandatory, and would give welfare recipients an opportunity to take public, state-sponsored jobs far from home.

"These are beautiful properties with basketball courts, bathroom facilities, toilet facilities. Many young people would love to get the hell out of cities," Paladino he said.

He also defended his hygiene remarks, saying he had trained inner-city troops in the Army and knows their needs.

"You have to teach them basic things — taking care of themselves, physical fitness. In their dysfunctional environment, they never learned these things," he said.

Ketny Jean-Francois, a former welfare recipient and a New York City advocate for low-income people, said Paladino's idea shocked her.

"Being poor is not a crime," she said. "People are on welfare for many reasons ... Is he saying people are poor because they don't have any hygiene or any skills?"

A Lazio spokesman didn't immediately return a message.

Paladino said he based his ideas on the Civilian Conservation Corps, a federal program that paid young unemployed men during the Great Depression to plant trees, build roads and develop parks.

Paladino said he would open the program both to long-term welfare recipients and to people who had lost their jobs during the recession. He said that he didn't know how he would pay for it but that prisons could be consolidated to make room.___

Associated Press writer Marc Beja contributed to this report.

Round up of homeless for FEMA camps begins in California.

They want to follow Hitler’s model exactly, and secretly impose Marshall Law on the United States. They want to start by rounding up all the unemployed homeless people who are a worthless drain on the economy, along with all the trouble makers and outspoken critics, and put them into internment camps. Their plan is to if necessary, exterminate the people that can not be rehabilitated into supporting their efforts of putting a One-World Government in place.



Red alert... Arnold Schwarzenegger the son of a Nazi begins rounding up people for FEMA camps. They have made it illegal to sleep in cars, under bridges, or in tents or makeshift shelters, and have opened up FEMA detention camps for all the homeless people they have arrested. All they need to do now is to come up with an excuse to start arresting homeless people nation wide. They will claim that they are doing this for their own good, because of the unsanitary conditions that the homeless are living in, which could be a hazard to them and to others as a source of diseases that could spread through the cities. But the truth is, they want to force thousands of Homeless Americans into FEMA concentration camps, where they can give them forced inoculation shots, which will result in an outbreak of a major pandemic, which will kill thousands.

They want to turn this country into a Police State, where they can come at night and brutality assault and arrest the homeless, tarring down their tens, plastic tarps, cardboard and plywood shacks. The NWO government "authorities" want to start using these tactics on those whom they consider to be a worthless blight on society, and not part of their "elite" upper class.

If the American people allow our police to voluntarily or involuntarily start to round people up and put them into FEMA camps, this is the first step to Hell, major protest, riots, and Civil War. There are over 300 million Americans, with 200 million guns in this Country and allot of both men and women and former Vets that know how to use them!

 photo FEMACamps_zpsf62f481b.jpg

Los Angeles, Alta California
October 28, 2009

Los Angeles homeless are mysteriously
disappearing despite recession

The Los Angeles County's homeless population has dropped 38% since 2007 despite a deep economic recession says the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority. The drop in the homeless population of the downtown Los Angeles Skid Row area is even greater. Authorities report that the Skid Row area lost nearly 50% of its homeless population, or from 22,030 homeless in 2007 to 11,093 in 2009. In other words, approximately 10,937 indigent, mostly drug addicted and mentally sick, persons have disappeared from Los Angeles Skid Row in two years. This is at a time when the Skid Row population should have at least doubled because of the major economic downturn say homeless population experts.

There have been a few theories proposed that attempt to explain the phenomena. One is particularly bizarre and macabre but plausible. In 1992 the New York Times in an article titled, "Colombia Shuts Medical School In Body-Purchase Case;" Reported that the Colombian government had closed a medical school where security guards were said to have murdered homeless people and sold the bodies to the Free University of Barranquilla for body parts and medical experimentation. The police believed university security guards clubbed street people to death and sold their bodies to the medical school for about $200 each. The guards refused to unlock the gates when officers came and forced their way inside, and found a horrifying sight: 10 freshly killed cadavers of homeless men and women, and body parts of at least 14 more victims—all ready for study by medical students.

Unfortunately the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) was involved recently in a similar scandal. In 2004 Henry Reid, UCLA's Director of the Willed Body Program was arrested for selling body parts that were meant for university medical research to body parts dealer Ernest Nelson. The body parts dealer confessed that he paid Reid over $700,000 for permission to go into the UCLA body freezer and hack about 800 cadavers into pieces to take their parts.

One cadaver can produce as much as $200,000 dollars when cut up, and individual body parts and tissues are sold to the pharmaceutical and medical industries. The hospital removing the organ is paid a fee, the Transportation Company that brings the chilled organs to the intended recipient makes a bundle, and of course the surgeons, doctors and hospitals actually performing the organ transplant make a small fortune. In all, one donated organ (such as a human liver) might generate well over $100,000 in revenues for everyone involved... that is, everyone except the donor.

The USA human organ transplant industry has become putrefied to the core. It is now under the control of an "Organ Mafia" consisting of "cadaver hunters", surgeons, nurses and hospital administrators whose sole purpose is to maximize their profits by selling transplantable organs and tissues to the highest bidder. The ultimate victims are the poor indigent patients who are tricked into signing papers to receive treatment, and because of the lack of money are bypassed for the expensive treatment and end up dying. The “organ snatchers” then victimize their bodies and their organs sold for the highest price to be used in the bodies of their wealthy patients. The homeless and indigent ( if no one claims the body ) have always been used for organs and research. What's left for burial usually amounts to what's left on your plate after a turkey dinner.

Ernest Nelson provided documentation to authorities that indicated that UCLA Medical Center administrators and high level UCLA executives had knowledge of the clandestine sale of body parts and approved it. It appears that Henry Reid, two other employees under his supervision, and others at the UCLA Medical Center got away with trafficking in body parts by keeping some of the donated cadavers off the books. Henry Reid and the others may have been accepting cadavers that they never recorded.

Can what occurred at the Free University of Barranquilla in Colombia occur here. Certainly, criminals in the USA have killed for a lot less than $200,000 dollars per victim. The skid Row homeless are easy targets. No one knows them, they have no family to miss them and they sleep in dark alleys. Let's see . . . 10,937 winos, hobos, druggies, crazies disappeared. . . times $200,000 . . . why that's over 2 Billion dollars. Will the LAPD investigate? Probably not!

To the contrary the LAPD has been carrying out a vicious campaign against the homeless and people living in their vehicles. The latest round of attacks is focused on finding an excuse to confiscate any vehicles that someone is suspected of sleeping in."

Date: Jan 11, 2009
Approx.3,000 Homeless Have Disappeared from SanFrancisco.

Where have the homeless gone?
The city, it turns out, has absolutely no idea! Thousands have disappeared from its welfare rolls – and the Department of Human Services, which administers the program, has no idea where they've gone.

America’s ‘disappeared’: The homeless of the big cities
By Wayne Madsen
Online Journal Contributing Writer
Special Reports Last Updated: Jul 8th, 2009

Wayne Madsen reported that the homeless in our major cities all over the United States like New York and Atlanta are starting to disappear without a trace. In Washington DC were you would always see homeless people as you walked down the streets, in the parks and grassy nooks. Recently they have began to disappear and in large numbers. “These homeless men and women were once familiar faces to Washington’s elite working class, but now they’re gone! From Lafayette Park, across Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House, to Virginia Avenue across from the State Department, and Franklin Square. Amid the city’s glass and steel towers housing DC’s power elite to tony Georgetown, many homeless people, both those truly down on their luck and those who were mentally ill, have totally disappear. As one Washington social worker told a newspaper editor, “These people have simply vanished.” Last August John McDermott, one of the avid spokespersons for the homeless who protested and complained about the shutting down of homeless shelters and the gradual disappearance of the homeless, has now also vanished.”

DC officials in charge of the homeless are very tight-lipped when asked about the fate of unaccounted for homeless in the city. One DC official said that with the opening of the federal camps and a high demand for any usable body parts by the lucrative transplant industry, he feared the worst may have befallen some of DC’s “invisible residents.”

Oct 9, 2010 ... In Columbus' Ohio most significant homeless camps have disappeared in the past 10 months.

When homeless persons begin going missing mysteriously from the streets in Kansas City, a local detective calls the BAU to investigate the disappearances.

Every year approximately 200,000 people disappear in the U.S. and no one seems to notice or care. Stories of illegal body parts and organ harvesting are springing up all over the country. Dozens of indictments, arrests and investigations are under way. Stories of funeral homes, doctors, medical colleges, hospitals, morgue refrigerators full of body parts, etc, all guilty of secretly selling body parts, tissue, bones and organs for millions of tax free dollars. Wake Up America! This is like selling drugs, slaves and guns, it's big business. A doctor can make as much as 150,000 dollars for doing one transplant. Our government censored news agencies have put a huge effort into keeping this a secret and making the general public think that these kinds of horrors could only happen in 3rd world countries like China...yeah right!

In China orphanages are stacked with unwanted baby girls. Child rights activists from the West posing as curious tourists claimed, “thousands upon thousands,” of unwanted baby girls are warehoused in what the government officially calls “orphanages” waiting to be slaughtered for their “young organs.” In the report, it indicates that China harvests organs from millions of toddlers and infants throughout China. The Illuminati’s call for Globalization, a New World Order, Population Reduction, One Child Policies, Forced Abortions, has increased the sale of human body parts in China, South East Asia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines and Vietnam.

Here in the United States it has became shockingly clear that the illegal Chop shops are no longer confined to just selling stolen automobiles. There is in fact an underground network of human body part traders who utilized their connections with hospitals and university medical centers, which provide them with all the false documentation and paperwork to legitimize and “cover up” these gruesome mass murders. Our secret government is an expert at producing false documents, an art "which they developed so successfully during the war and at which the body snatchers have became outstandingly adept. Also new advances in surgery and other medical techniques has greatly fueled the increasing demand for this underground trade in transplantable tissues and organs, which has become a multi-billion dollar a year industry.
Among the unspeakable horrors linked to this trafficking is the mysterious disappearance of children off our American streets, and along the border between the U.S. and Mexico. These abductions are a result of increased demands (for transplantable tissues and organs) which were coming before from homeless children and the removal of organs from condemned prisoners and political dissidents in third-world countries and then quickly flown in ice chest overnight to the U.S.
Right now there are more than 200,000 Veterans whose whereabouts are not known as they have become (MIA) somewhere “Missing In America.” Day-after-day, an average of 18 Veterans mysteriously die and their deaths are being declared suicide or “accidental” because of a drug overdose from taking medications prescribed to them by the Department of Veteran Affairs. Tragically, every year more than 6,500 Veterans are mysteriously dying here in the United States and their deaths are disgracefully being labeled as if they purposely ended their own lives; and were victims of some kind of battle fatigue.

I don’t think their deaths were an accident, I think our government is doing this to them on purpose. They are well aware of the fact that as with the Vets returning from Vietnam the majority of our soldiers are against this corrupt War to control the World’s Oil and Drugs, and they are afraid that when they return, a Revaluation might brake out in this country. And as a precaution they are purposely giving them shots and drugs to make them become seriously ill so that they will feel so depressed and sick that they will want to kill themselves. Over 250,000 Vets have reported having this undiagnosed illness, and our government just pretends like it doesn’t exist. More Vets are mysteriously dyeing after returning home to the U.S every year, than died in the entire 10 years they spent fighting the War in Afghanistan and Iraq. If that doesn’t tell you something, I don’t know what does!

The truth is our government doesn’t give a crap about our Soldiers. They just want to use people to do their dirty work, and if they die then salvage as many good body parts as they can use, and throw the rest away! We need to stop this deliberate slaughter and Genocide of our Vets. In Los Angeles County alone 12,000 homeless Vets have mysteriously disappeared in the last 4 years. Could there be a secretive and systematic effort across the country to get rid of these Veterans who are drug addicts, Disabled and homeless?

Do not underestimate how evil, rich and powerful our secret satanic government really is! If there is big money to be made in the illegal trafficking of something you can be rest assured that the Illuminati Banksters (the devil's offspring) are actively involved in it. The convenient disappearance of the homeless and illegal immigrants in the FEMA camps and the selling of their body parts for hug profits is just business as usual.

These are the same evil men who orchestrated the fake drills on 9/11 and ordered our plans to stand down while they blew up the Twin Towers and building 7, killing over 3,000 innocent Americans. They did this so that they could totally bankrupt our country wasting trillions and trillions of dollars on fighting a fake war against terror. So that their privately owned corporations could control all the oil and drugs in the Middle East; which has resulted in the deaths of millions of innocent people.

They are the real Terrorist and we are the one's who will face God’s final judgment for doing their dirty work, and for committing suicide like Judas because of all the guilt. Every day the illegal torturing and mass murders of people by the CIA in their efforts to control the drug trade in Afghanistan alone, is estimated to be worth 350 billion dollars a year. And they plan to keep our sons and daughters dying for them for the next 50 years, because they have no conscience and these wars for them are a way of generating huge profits, while our personal friends and family members experience, unemployment, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and death!

And we think we can change all this and get our Country back by voting them out of office! Think again. As John F. Kennedy was well aware of, these people control not only the CIA, FBI, and our military, but both parties. Twelve out of Fourteen of the presidential candidates in the last election were members of the CFR, which is the American branch of the Illuminati. These people are Nazi's and they control every important aspect of our government!


Prescott S. Bush joined Skull and Bones (the Illuminati) in 1917. Aldolf Hitler joined the German Brotherhood of Death Society (Skull + Bones) in 1919, and they selected Hitler to be their leader of the New World Order. George H Bush was inducted in 1948, and George W Bush in 1968. Notice the Skull and Bones on the Nazi SS cap, and on Arnold Schwarzenegger belt buckle. Who Needs Washington? These are the people that really run our country, and they brag about it openly.

The large refrigerated buses at the FEMA Camps are for transporting body parts, which they are selling all over the world for huge profits. Pictures of the camps built by KBR in Alaska and in many other states have thousands of plastic coffins stacked right outside the camps, which is very peculiar. Why would they have a need to have thousands of plastic coffins staked so close to the camps, if they were not planing to transport large numbers of dead bodies out of the camps? One of the FEMA camps in Michigan has over 500,000 plastic Coffins. A Bill is in Congress right now H.R. 645, which will authorize the spending of 180,000,000 billion dollars per year for building and operating these detention facilities.